Anthony Bertrand

Impactful softwares, applications and designs made with love and expertise.

So much more than just code.

Discover stories of brands, associations and people I've helped to grow through meaningful realisations.

Meet me with some music

I love both playing and listening to music. Want to know me better ? Check out some of my personal favorites !

Someone said video games ?

A good story, a healthy dose of action, a nice soundtrack, and a fine cinematographic aspect are all the ingredients for a game to enter my favorites list.

And when games happen to have a photo mode, I can't help myself but press that pause button and try my best shot.

« Keep your core values close »

What are the most important values you bring into your projects?

I like my people reliable, simple, and most importantly interesting.

And I like my creations just the same.

I also believe everybody should be able to access technology and the great value it has to offer, so I make it a point of honor to make things as accessible as possible for people with disabilities.

What do you do when you're not coding?

You'll find me playing some good games, making more artistic things like music, photos, video, or simply thinking about my next project.

I also like to spend time learning new things in computer science and maths !

An odd thing about you?

As tech-savvy as I am, I spend the least possible time on my phone and especially avoid social medias.

I also really like retro tech, and I actually find coding and making stuff on hardware as old as me than me really thrilling ! But don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going back to my modern laptop when I'm done playing around.

What values do developers need the most?

Anyone that writes code must known the impact that their work may have on the planet, and most importantly people.

In web development especially, a whole lot of developers fall in the trap of focusing on the first look of their products, completely ignoring the core principles of a sustainable web : sobriety, maintainability and accessibility.